Contact details:
Address: 281 Mihai Bravu Str, sector 3
030303, Bucharest, Romania
Phone /fax +40 21-317 27 21
Fax: +40 21-317 27 27

Clinical Hospital of Infectious and Tropical Diseases “Dr. Victor Babes”

Profile and short description

Clinical Hospital of Infectious and Tropical Diseases “Dr. Victor Babes” (SVB) is a public body, being a reference hospital for infectious and tropical diseases at national level from 1955 and also an academic hospital from 1976. An intensive research activity takes place here since 1999, with an effervescent interest in emerging and reemerging infections, highly pathogenic microorganism and nosocomial infections. A national monitoring core for human retroviral and associated viruses is active here since 1985. SVB has a key role in epidemiology of infectious diseases at national level and it is an active site for international multicenter trials. The quality of activities is maintained in accordance with ISO ISO9001:2000 standard and for clinical microbiology laboratory with 17025:2005.
The microbiology laboratories are highly level equipped, functioning for clinical purpose but also as a research lab for the scientific community in Bucharest County. The hospital has a strategic position being accessed by patients returning on Romanian territory with tropical diseases from all over the world. It covers three sectors from Bucharest and six Romanian counties for infectious diseases but is reference clinic for complicated infectious diseases cases from all the country.