CHAFEA_3HP (HP- PJ- 2015, Topic: Early diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis)

Grant agreement 709844:  […] The activities will support the development of national hepatitis strategies, screening and treatment guidelines, taking into account available treatment options. It will help to bridge primary, secondary care, and outreach in the community to facilitate access to and uptake of testing and treatment services particularly among key risk groups including drug users and homeless. It will also assess the potentially considerable economic impact of available treatment and testing strategies on health systems, which are under the responsibility of the EU Member States, with a view to inform decisions on balancing access to medicines with the financial sustainability of health systems. […] The project will take place in 4 member states: Ireland, the UK, Spain and Romania […] HepEd component of the project will educate and up-skill healthcare professionals in the treatment of Hepatitis C […]

HepEd (WP6): lead beneficiary SVB („Victor Babes” Clinical Hospital of Infectious and Tropical Diseases Bucharest)

Deliverable 6.1: Release of a „Masterclass” video that cand be used at site- Video HepEd

The main ideas from the video material were based on the educational materials from sites:

„Integrating Hepatitis C care- The Hospital Perspective”

„Integrating Hepatitis C care- The GP Perspective”

„Multidisciplinary Approaches to Hepatitis C Treatment”

„Startegies for including hepatitis C patients into the healthcare programmes”

 “Integrated healthcare model for patients from risk categories, diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C”.

“Seek and Treat; Fibroscan and testing”

and are also the principal ideas of the HepCare Project (HepCheck, HepLink, HepED, HepFriend, HepCost). They are summarized bellow:

–        Multidisciplinary approach: GP, hepatologist, nurse, addiction specialist, psychiatrist, pharmacist, social worker;

–        New advances in HCV management;

–        Issues that have to be discussed with a patient when thinking about treatment;

–        Inter-professional practice;

–        HepCare pilot study description- intergrating Hepatitis C care (GPs, Hospital, fibroscan to enhance HCV cure in vulnerable patients);

–        Improving awareness on chronic hepatitis C and related co-morbidities in vulnerable groups, for primary health care providers and other physicians involved in diagnosis and treatment.